Volunteer Testimonials – Ula Olszewska

Live Love Laugh….

Simple tasks but sometimes so hard to be fulfilled specially when it’s a child whose life is in danger…. This is when people need to be helped because fight for child’s life is never easy. In today’s crazy world when we hear about cancer on daily basis, I don’t want to wait to take action until it happens to my cousin,my friend, my neighbor, the need is to help a stranger. Help that precious child to Live Love Laugh. There isn’t anything more valuable than laughing child!! There isn’t anything stronger than loving child!! You Can Be My Angel reminded me of my wings of which we all often forget in a rush and amount of our daily tasks and our own worries. But it’s the greatest treasure of humanity that we can help others, make that world a better place, even by not forgetting that simple smile can change someone’s day- remember we all smile in the same language. Good word can change a person, I truly believe in that. And if you could go beyond a smile and good word and do even more, miracles will happen…

It’s also worth to keep in mind that all the good we do comes back to us!!


Live well Laugh often Love much