Kinga Czupta

My nonprofit experience extends back to 1982, when I was involved with Klub Skawa for 31 years – an organization intended to help my home town of Skawa, Poland. I acted as a member, than Secretary, then Vice President and eventually became President before handing over the reins in 2014.

When asked to become a Board Member of You Can Be My Angel, my heart simply couldn’t say no.

I am excited about the affect we can have as an organization and am honored to support You Can Be My Angel.
I am deeply committed to the mission and am a true advocate for You Can Be My Angel as I believe that through our efforts we will make a significant difference in the lives of the children that we support. Caring is the heart of our mission, and that is why this organization has my heart and my commitment. It is an honor and privilege to serve on the You Can Be My Angel Board of Directors, and in doing so, I pledge my relentless dedication to help raise funds and dedicate time to improve the lives of the children and families that seek our help.