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Michal is Marcin Sporka’s friend from the hospital. Both stayed on the same ward and battled with their illness. Like many two year old boys, Michal is happy and witty. His curiosity keeps him active and always wanting to know more. At five months Michal was receiving treatment for a urinary tract infection, a standard ultrasound tests of the kidneys revealed a lump on his left kidney. Michal’s parents were informed of the probability of it being a tumor. Traveling to the Children’s Oncology and Neulasta Therapy Clinic the parents couldn’t believe what was happening. Such a small being couldn’t be carrying cancer. The doctors were certain –MALIGNANT CANCER- Neuroblastoma. After five weeks of various tests Michal was scheduled in December 2011 for a surgery to remove the tumor. The operation to eliminate tumor was a preventive measure to avoid chemo therapy. Michael was put in a low risk category and the probability of cancer relapse was very low. The parents felt fortunate that their son would not have to be subject to a painful therapy. All that was left were monthly examinations to confirm that all is well.

Six months after the operation, June 2012, a small bruise appeared under Michal’s eye. After a couple weeks it was still present, so the pediatrician suggested a visit with the optometrist. The eye exams tested normal, but due to Michal’s past illness a CAT scan was scheduled. Results showed a relapse of his illness. A pathological change occurred, lump in the eye socket sent the tumor to the lymph nodes. This time Michal was classified a very high risk with 30-40% of prolonged life.

All of a sudden the griping fear returned, almost forgotten by the parents that their ‘Teddy Bear’ might die. So Michael returned to the clinic again. The doctors immediately started procedures; using the most effective methods in fighting this cancer.

At present Michal continues to receive treatments in clinic in Germany. The little hero has his ups and downs but is not showing weakness even on bad days. Parents ask everyone for their prayers, positive thoughts and to keep their fingers crossed for Michal.

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