Alicja Kosmala

8842 (1 of 1)5 year old Alicja Kosmala is fighting a malicious cancer-neuroblastoma. Despite aggressive treatment – 9 cycles of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, tumor resection surgery – Alicja failed to achieve complete remission. In children with neuroblastoma cancer, who do not manage to overcome residual cancer cells, there’s an 80% chance for relapse. For Alicja the only solution is to try to destroy the remaining cancer cells in her body with an antibody and interleukin treatment (Anti-GD2). Although it is a standard therapy in Europe, it is not available in Poland. Therapy performed outside the country has its own, terrifying price of €143 400. To keep Alicja alive until funds have been collected, Alicja has to undergo “silencing” chemotherapy treatment every three weeks.

It is not known how much time Alicja has left, but her parents are not losing hope and they truly believe YCBMAF’s donation along with donations of people of good hearts will bring her closer to a chance for survival.


Katarzyna Romanowska and Małgorzata Pachota Damski Punkt Widzenia on youtube

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