Bozena Koszarek

For years I’ve been a manager of Doma Shipping and Travel, leading two locations on the south side of Chicago. I am the mother of five children, young adults (22, 21, 19), and my, although no longer small but what I call “little ones” (12 and 9). For as longs as I can remember I wanted to fix and improve the world. I believe greatly that in each of us, without exception, is the need to be needed! I like to help! I like to get involved and therefore I got involved in the work of Polish school which my children attend. I’m involved in scouting and have been with the You Can Be My Angel foundation from the beginning.

I love to look at the people who encouraged, are interested in the fate of others and open their hearts. I try to pass on the desire of charitable work not only to young people (my own children and their friends), but also to others.

I believe the good spreads like circles on water and comes back to us with great force. I never thought about becoming a board member of the foundation, but if my work ethics and experience can help in any way, than I will take on the responsibility with great pleasure.