Marcin Sporek

Seven years ago a little boy named Marcin was born who changed his parents lives. He made everything happen more and happen more often… we laugh more, love more, we value every day, every prayer, and we’re more afraid than ever before. Seven years has passed, seven very difficult but valuable years. Seven years of […]

Nikola Miecznikowska

We were so hopeful that Nikola’s treatment at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria will be successful and amid sickens she’ll get to experience the joys of life. Unfortunately, on September 4, 2017 Nikola lost her fight with cancer.  Nikola was a happy and curious four year old from Stanica in southern Poland. Her smile […]

Iwo Sobolewski

Five year old Iwo from Szczecin, Poland has a big challenge ahead of him; to win the battle with cancer. He’s been accepted to undergo treatment at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. The treatment is available only in U.S. Iwo needs $115,000 to fight for a happy normal life. For more information […]

Miłosz Andrzejewski

TUMORS IN MILOSZ’S TINY HEAD God sent an angel to us … Have you ever had to ask yourself, how God chooses mothers of disabled children? The angel asked the God this question: Why her? She is so happy – just because – says God smiling. Yes, this will be just the woman whom I […]

Oliwia Kuśmierska

A 5 years old Oliwia from Ruda Śląska, Poland is battling neuroblastoma – pediatric center. Her only hope is an anty GD2 treatment for wich she does not qualify in Poland. A cost of this lifesaving therapy in an Italianclinic is approximatley $90,000.

Adam Kaliński

Adam was born on 27 January 2010 in Poznan, and until March 2012, he was healthy and cheerful child.After 2 rotavirus infections he developed a chronic diarrhea, due to the course of the disease, doctors thought that the intestine was damaged by a virus, no one suspected another reason. But the weeks passed, and the […]

Amelka Szewczyk

“If you have to cry, please go outside, and don’t cry in front of the children. They cannot see you cry”.  This is a single principle that pediatric oncology ward parents whisper to the “new parents”. It is the only principle determined by the parents, the rest of the rules are dictated by tumors that […]

Kacper Janiak

It usually begins quite innocently – child complains of a sore leg or belly ache, and the parent thinks it’s nothing serious. The parent takes the child to see the doctor anyway, because he prefers to hear that his child is “fine” than regret later that he did not react in time. And at that […]

Wiktor Karpiński

Let’s help little Wiktor! His situation is dramatic. This three-year old boy suffers from cancer – neuroblastoma and has been through two relapses. Wiktor is currently being treated in Poznan, Poland but he might not survive yet another chemotherapy. His only hope is anty body GD2 treatment available in Italy. Wiktor could qualify for this […]

Nina Kublik

Ninka was born on December 7, 2012. She was an awaited miracle, born prematurely at 34 weeks. Her early months were slightly winding. She was diagnosed with atrial septal defect. However, that did not prevent her from growing, becoming curious of the world and sometimes even mischievous. As a baby she liked to fall asleep […]

Dominik Młynkowiak

Dominic was born completely healthy. There was no indication that something was wrong in his body until he turned 6 years of age. His parents did not even expect that soon they will have to fight against a cruel disease. It started innocently in May 2009 with the pain in right knee, and then hip, […]

Alicja Kosmala

Alicja Kosmala  was diagnosed with a malicious cancer-neuroblastoma in January 2012 when she was only 5 years old. Despite aggressive treatment – 9 cycles of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, tumor resection surgery – Alicja failed to achieve complete remission. In children with neuroblastoma cancer, who do not manage to overcome residual cancer cells, there’s an […]

Szymon Piętko

Szymon was a healthy two year old baby. It wasn’t until October 23, 2013 after completing the treatment, Szymon was examined by the doctors. Unfortunately, cancer did not give up and spread into the vitreous. In this case, the therapy did not help. It was necessary to save Szymon’s life therefore, on December 4, 2013 doctors […]

Piotr Kosowski

Piotr was diagnosed with a rare heart defect – right chamber bipartite subaortic stenosis and pulmonary artery. In November 2012, during a consultation with children’s heart surgeon, Piotr’s parents were informed that Piotr’s condition is life threatening and that he would have to undergo surgery within the next 6 months. The cost of the operation […]

Klaudia Pająk

Klaudia with her personality, temperament and love won hearts of many people. She was the reason  that a very large community involved in spreading the news of her illness and fundraising for her treatment in Germany was built. Klaudia’s dream was to have someone paint her portrait – it was supposed to be a gift […]

Karolina Urban

Karolinka Urban has gone through so much in her short life. It’s hard to believe that she has so much strength in her tiny body to fight for her life. She was born on August 6, 2011, with a lot of hair. In her fifth week of life doctors performed an ultrasound on Karolina’s body.  […]

Michał Tryka

The biggest mistake, you can make, is to give up. When Michal was 5 months, during a standard kidney ultrasound exam, necessary because of a history of postnatal urinary tract infection, the doctor observed a tumor in the area of his left kidney. We heard then that most probably it was cancerous. When heading for […]