Michal Milczarek

“If only a few months ago, before the diagnosis, someone asked us about our dreams, we would probably list a few. Today, we have only one wish – for our son to live. We will knock on every door to save him. Today we are knocking at your heart. Will you help us?”
Just a few months ago, 8-year-old Michal was a happy child – he played football, cycled, went for walks with his dog. What started as a back pain quickly turned into a devastating diagnosis – neuroblastoma – a type of a childhood cancer.
Michal will undergo many cycles of chemotherapy, surgical removal of the tumor, bone marrow transplants, radiotherapy, and ultimately immunotherapy. However, immunotherapy treatment is not reimbursed by Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) – its cost estimated at 320,000 Euro. Become Michal’s Angel and donate today!