Karolina Urban

Karolinka Urban has gone through so much in her short life.


It’s hard to believe that she has so much strength in her tiny body to fight for her life. She was born on August 6, 2011, with a lot of hair. In her fifth week of life doctors performed an ultrasound on Karolina’s body.  The exam revealed eight tumors on the liver and one on the right adrenal gland. This visit at the doctor’s office saved Karolinka’s life. She was immediately taken to a hospital. Diagnosis was devastating…….cancer. After a surgery to remove the primary tumor, Karolinka received eight cycles of chemotherapy known as COJEC and two cycles of chemotherapy TVD. The next phase of treatment was called mega-chemotherapy following autologous bone marrow transplant. Finally Karolinka was ready to go to Italy for treatment. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, YCBMAF was able to support Karolinka and her family in her journey to recovery. Karolinka completed her treatment in Italy and test results after the first checkup look good.

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